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Founded in 2014, Polycoin provides a set of solution within the distributed ledger space, for banks and other financial organizations, who wish to replace costly, paper intensive and awkward processes with flexible, safe and low-cost smart contracts based on Blockchain technology.


Our Technology

Reduce Costs

Use Polycoin’s smart contracts for executing agreements in an automated manner, with minimal operational requirements and almost no IT infrastructure costs.

Enable Smart Contracts

Smart contracts executed over the Polycoin’s network, are digital agreements, which are executed automatically once a certain set of predefined conditions are met.

Eliminate Risk

As a part of the Polycoin’s network, you can choose to work only with the network members that fit your preferred profile of business/individual.


Polycoin’s Distributed Banking System is based on the distributed-ledger technology introduced by the Blockchain, in which there is no one point of failure, and thus extremely secured.


With Polycoin Distributed Banking System, banks can create a closed and private network in which all transactions are done with known and trusted counterparts.

Adding Revenue Channels

Members of the Polycoin Distributed Banking System, can leverage the unique structure and flexibility of the network to create additional revenue models.

Polycoin Flow

Distributed Banking System

A network of digital wallets with different types of privileges and capabilities. It is the network infrastructure on which the smart contracts are being executed.

Our Founding Team

Alfred Shaffir

Alfred Shaffir


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Sergei Kovalov

Sergei Kovalov


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Ron Gross

Ron Gross


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