Google Co-Founder Highlights Crypto Mining Impact
What is the future? Cryptocurrencies, gold or fiat currencies? The debate rages on. The traditional investors continue to view digital currencies with an eye of suspicion while the crypto supporters consider it as a tool to free the society from the clutches of the central banks and the governments.The bulls have held the first support at $736, which is a bullish sign. A break out of $838 is likely to extend the pullback to $934 and thereafter to $1,200.
US Credit Unions Will Use DLT to Expand Payments Business
Even during periods of enormous strain like live broadcasts and eSports tournaments. The cost of transactions within Level Up Chain will be minimal, and the team at Play2Live estimates that the fees will be maintained at $0.01 per transaction. "Working on Bitshares, we have faced complex scaling and risks of ‘bottleneck’ as the functionality of the platform expanded.